Annette Steele obituary

Annette Steele died on 19 January 2021 in Sobell House Hospice after a short illness, just a month before her 82nd birthday. Annette was born in the house in East Street where she lived her whole life, for the last four decades with her beloved husband Ron, who passed away 2 years ago. She was a much-loved, kind neighbour with amazing stories of island life. Annette is survived by her son Barry (who had cared for her since Ron’s death), and four grandchildren, of whom she was very proud.

Annette’s funeral is on 15 February. The hearse will be passing down East Street at approximately 2.15 p.m. if local people wish to pay their respects.

Local tributes

Maureen Ergeneli writes: Annette was a lovely neighbour who never forgot a birthday, or Easter or Christmas, and as often as not, children would find a fiver tucked in as well. She had a great memory and to our delight she would tell us about the characters who used to live on the island: the milkman and his horse, all those who had little shops where one could buy sweets or groceries. She remembered the barges pulled by horses which were stabled at the Waterman’s Arms [now The Punter], swimming in the river, getting chewing gum from American soldiers in the war. She leaves a big hole in our lives. We shall miss her terribly.

Alison Burdett writes: Annette was a wonderful, kind neighbour with amazing stories of island life over the many years she lived here. She had a wide circle of friends and a great sense of humour, and will be sadly missed.

Pauline Massey writes: Annette Steele was a good friend to me and my family, as she was to many others. Always kind and thoughtful, phoning regularly to see how you were; she was a fine lady who will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Julia Marsh writes: Annette was a good friend.  We chatted regularly on the phone including her final weeks in Sobell House.

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