Buildings insurance

Here is some information shared by islanders in the most recent debate about house insurance.

Comparison sites

This website offers a step-by-step guide to home insurance, including a list of comparison websites:

Or you can try and (best to look at both sites).
Have your renewal notice to hand when you use the sites.

Brokers recommended by islanders


Aviva (not on comparison sites)


Direct Line (not on comparison sites)

Fresh Home


John Lewis

Matthews Comfort

Tips from islanders

An increase in buildings insurance premium can occur for many reasons, including a recent claim and a change in level of cover.

It is best not to let your buildings cover lapse. It can be difficult to reinstate, and it is a condition of your mortgage that you maintain cover.

For rebuilding costs don’t list what you think your house might sell for. The comparison sites will give a guide on the likely cost and I would suggest use the upper range, unless you have very expensive construction, in which case you might want to think again.

Think about  a realistic excess that you can afford. If you make a claim it might affect your renewal, and would you claim for something that cost say 100 GBP to replace? If you wouldn’t claim, then you might think about having a higher excess.

If you are still stuck try