Practicalities for residents


Most parking on the island is designated resident permit holders only. Residents can apply for permits for up to two cars (for a fee), as well as 24-hour visitors’ permits, on the parking permits page of Oxfordshire County Council website. Proof of residency and car ownership is required. Permits expire at the end of May and once your name and address are in the system you are sent a reminder in advance.

Parking regulations are regularly and robustly policed on the island.  Make sure your visitors display a permit — it is valid for any vehicle for 24 hours after scratching in the arrival time.

There are also 2-hour parking spaces in North Street, by the post box in Bridge Street and at both ends of East Street. Parking on a single yellow line is permissible all day Sunday and Mon–Sat between 6.30 p.m. and 8 a.m. (see yellow signs).



  • Green wheelie bins/lilac sacks: landfill
  • Blue wheelie bins/blue plastic sacks: recycling
  • Green caddies: food waste
  • Brown wheelie bins/brown paper sacks: garden waste (for a fee)

New/replacement bins can be ordered from the City Council. Check their website.


The normal day for rubbish collection is Friday.  Collections alternate each week between landfill and recycling/garden waste. Food waste is collected weekly.

Bins can go outside your door after 6 p.m. on Thursday and need to be in place by 8 a.m. on Friday.  Please place bins where they cause the least obstruction for pushchairs and pedestrians.

Food waste should only be put out in sealed caddies. Plastic bags containing food items are liable to be ripped open by foxes and cats.

We are in the red zone. For more information visit Oxford City Council website.

Bulky items

The nearest council recycling centre is Redbridge on the Abingdon Road. See the County Council website for details.

Contact Oxford City Council for information on collection and disposal of bulky items.


Low Carbon West Oxford organises regular bring-and-take events at the West Oxford Community Centre where you can pass on unwanted items.

Grit bins

There are yellow grit bins in East Street and at the junction of Bridge Street and South Street. Bins are filled by Oxford County Council and are for use only on public footpaths.  Many neighbours organise local ‘spreaders’ when icy conditions are predicted — ask yours if they have an arrangement.

Bike parking

Bike racks are at the top and bottom of East Street and Bridge Street.

If bikes are left outside front doors or chained to street furniture please try to cause minimal obstruction of the pavement.

Doctors’ surgeries

There are practices on Beaumont Street (numbers 19, 27/28). The Jericho Health Centre on Walton Street has two practices.


The nearest pharmacy is Woodlands in Botley Road – friendly and helpful.

Communication with other residents

For information about the noticeboard, email group and residents’ association go to the About OIRA page.