Living Advent calendar 2020

Owing to the pandemic it is not possible to have the usual Christmas events on the island — children’s door-to-door carol singing, and tealights on the towpath. Instead Debbie Hall has organised a living Advent calendar.

On each day of Advent a house (or two houses) on the island will display a picture in a window.

Below is the list of windows to look out for on each December day of Advent. As in a paper Advent calendar the houses will display the date of ‘opening’ in their windows, and then replace the number with the picture on the day.

Look out for the numbers appearing in Osney windows!

12 North Street1313 East Street
133 West Street1369 Bridge Street
215 East Street1447 Bridge Street
36 West Street156 South Street
44 North Street1616 West Street
527 Bridge Street1721 South Street
5Osney Lock1814 East Street
63 North Street1942 West Street
679 Bridge Street1938 West Street
77 East Street2053 West Street
815 West Street2033 Bridge Street
924 East Street2190 Bridge Street
1013 South Street2258 West Street
1119 South Street234 Bridge Street
12104 Bridge Street2417 East Street
123 West Street2422 South Street