Reducing plastic waste

If you are keen to reduce your use of disposable plastic, a group of local residents has put together the following suggestions.

What you can do

Buy loose dry goods, fruit and veg:

  • Waitrose Unwrapped, Botley Road
  • East Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market, East Oxford Primary School, Saturday 10.00–13.00
  • South Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market, Lake Street Community Centre, Sunday 9.30–12.30
  • Summertown Farmers’ Market, Banbury Road, Sunday 10.00–14.00
  • Wolvercote Community Market, White Hart, Godstow Road, Sunday 10.00–13.00
  • Gloucester Green Market veg stalls, Wednesday 9.00–16.00

Order a veg box:

  • Abel and Cole
  • North Aston Organics (local)
  • Riverford Organic Farmers
  • Tolhurst Organic (local)
  • Veg in Clover (local)

Order bottled milk and other food products from Milk and More (delivering on Osney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

Buy loose tea and fresh ground coffee, e.g. from Cardews in the Covered Market.

Refill your household cleaning products:

  • Sesi at South and East Oxford Farmers’ Markets
  • Ecover at Waitrose

Order loo rolls, kitchen rolls and tissues, delivered in a cardboard box, from Who Gives a Crap.

Buy dry goods in bulk online from Infinity.

Rent an allotment from Osney, St Thomas & New Botley Allotment Association.

Buy alternative household items such as solid shampoo, toothpaste tablets, beeswax wraps (instead of clingfilm) from companies such as:

Carry refillable water bottles and coffee cups. Most coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own mug.

Take your own shopping bag.

Shop responsibly for clothes (synthetic fibres are a big source of microplastics):

  • Buy natural fibres rather than oil-based synthetic fabrics
  • Buy second hand
  • Buy quality clothes to last
  • Reuse and repair

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